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Our Communities

As a co-operative business we are committed to supporting local good causes chosen by our members, through grants, volunteering and fundraising activity.


The Society established its Regional Community programme in 2015, enabling members and colleagues to work together to support the local community and demonstrate our co-operative difference. This includes supporting local charities and volunteering together to help build strong local communities.


The following has been achieved across the Regional Communities in 2018


Our 20 Regional Community areas continue to thrive, enabling members to work together on causes chosen by them in their local community through volunteering and fundraising activities.


  • We donated 100,000 products to foodbanks, providing meals to over 2,500 families in need (compared to 70,000 products in the previous year)

  • We raised over £170,000 for our local charity partners

  • We engaged with over 16,000 young people working with our  50 partner schools and educational establishments

  • We distributed over £240,000 to over 300 local community groups and good causes through grants


 Since creating our ‘Regional Communities’ programme in 2015, we donated in total 266,000 products to foodbanks,   providing enough meals for over 6,000 families in need, and engaged with over 35,000 young people through a   range of initiatives.


Type in your location below to learn where your nearest Regional Community is   

Charity Partners


  We have a local charity partner in each of our 20 Regional Community areas

We’ve raised a total of over £145,000 for local Regional Community charity partners in 2019 and will continue to support them as they grow.


During 2020/21 our Keeping it Local sites will be working with two fundraising partners:

Mind:  Provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem

 They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. They help everyone experiencing a mental health problem to get support and respect.  

For more information see here.

Vitamin Sea:  This is a new charity, set up by Midcounties Environmental Ambassador, Cal Major.  It aims to help people reconnect to nature to improve mental health and appreciate the importance of wild places for the benefit of wellbeing. 

As a result of this reconnection, the evidence shows that more people will understand how vital it is to protect our natural world and ecosystems.  It also helps to provide positive solutions to plastic pollution.  

   The Vitamin Sea Project (protecting our environment and promoting mental health and wellbeing) This is a new charity waiting for a dedicated website but you can read what inspired it by clicking on


Join your Community


 Circa 10,000 members involved in identifying local community opportunities.

Members of the Midcounties Co-operative can get involved in the following ways:

 Join your local Regional Community Steering Group as one of our active members and contribute to the strategic planning of our local community programme.

Download Support Pack

         Attend our member events including half-yearly meetings, AGM and member days.


If you would like to get involved in any of the above or would like to learn more, please contact 0800 435902 or via email: to find out more.

Community Grants and Funding


Find out if your community group is eligible for funding from one of our grant programmes

Apply now to fund your local community project

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Making a difference 


Colleague Volunteering - Find out more

  We believe that volunteering gives our colleagues a fantastic opportunity to develop individually and as part of a team while making a real difference to their community.  Colleagues taking part in our volunteer programme have participated in numerous activities – anything from painting a church hall, to supporting employability events or one-to-one mentoring for young people.   

Every colleague has an entitlement to take up to 22.5 hours a year (pro-rata) to volunteer within their normal working hours.  

If you would like to find out more about the scheme and how our colleague volunteers can make a difference at your community group, click and contact the Community team from the email link below

Interested in volunteering contact our team:

Work Experience


 We offer work experience and work placements to young people and adults returning to the workplace.


Developing employability skills and experiencing the world of work, young people and those returning to the workplace, have a better understanding of what they can do and how we support colleagues and serve our customers. 


We will do our best to find a suitable work experience placement that meets your requirements. If, for any reason, we are not able to meet your requests, for business reasons or because places have been filled, we will let you know and look for alternative placements within our business to consider.

Please contact for queries relating to a work experience placement.


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