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Find Your Nearest Collection Point

You can find your nearest store with a soft plastic collection point by clicking here.


Which Items Can I Recycle?

Check out which items you can recycle in our soft plastic collection points by clicking on the box below...

  • Bread bags

  • Produce bags

  • Ordinary carrier bags

  • Wrappers around kitchen towel and toilet roll

  • Bags that nappies come in

  • Bags from cotton wool

  • Cereal box liners

  • Bags from frozen foods

  • Bags from ice cubes

  • Lids on, yogurts, cream, desserts

  • Lids from packs of meat, ready meals

  • Lidding film from cheese packs

  • Wrapping around chicken

  • Fruit and veg flow wrap

  • Chocolate wrappers

  • Croissant, pancake, crumpet, etc wrappers

  • Biscuit wrappers

  • Wrappers from cakes, Yorkshire puddings

  • Flower wrappers

  • Bags from dried fruit, sugar, pulses, rice and pasta

  • Protective wrappers from gift wrap, bags from gift tags

  • Pastry packaging

  • Bags from household textiles and similar – all-purpose cloths, dusters, dishcloths, rubber gloves, scourers

  • Wrappers from pet food

  • Wrappers from pies, pasties and sausage rolls

  • Bagged sweets

  • Pizza wrappers

  • Bags from porridge, muesli pouches

  • Packaging from baby wipes and similar