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In-Store Collections by Charity Partners & Community Groups

We're all about being local; our trading sites are at the heart of our communities and we place great importance on supporting them through our charitable fundraising and grant-giving programmes.

Part of our support has, for many years involved giving local groups the opportunity to raise funds by means of a tin collection / bag pack or raising awareness of their group by putting up an information stand within a larger food retail trading branch local to them; we realise that raising funds and awareness is a vital part of ensuring the sustainability of many groups, which is why we are pleased to be in a position to help to do this through organised collections/information displays in-store.

If you represent a local charity or community group and you would like to request a slot at your local Coop Food Store, below is a bit of important information that you need to know:

  • To enable your group to have enough space to accommodate your collectors, a small table or pop-up banner we are only able to consider requests made to take a slot at our larger food supermarkets.

  • All requests must be agreed at site level – so you will need to contact the site manager. Click here to locate your store address and contact telephone number

  • You will need to give as much notice as possible of your required dates – the store will do their best to accommodate your dates, but just so that you are aware they may have to work around other store promotions as well as dates that are reserved for the stores or our chosen charity fundraising activities along with supporting national campaigns such as Remembrance Day – Poppy Appeal, Children in Need/Comic Relief – so around these events we won't be able to agree 3rd party collections.

  • When you talk to the store manager about booking a slot, you will need to be able to provide evidence of the charity /group that you represent such as an ID card, letter from the charity to confirm you as a collector, etc.

  • In-store collections will normally be offered on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Slots for information stands can be booked for Monday to Thursday.  The site manager will also advise you of what space is available and if this can accommodate a small table/pop-up banner.

When you have agreed your slot directly with the store, on the day of the collection your representatives should firstly let the store/duty manager know that you are there and allow them to direct you to the area where your collection can take place.

They will then brief you on necessary health and safety measures (such as if the fire alarm sounds), representatives should also bring with them the necessary ID to show prior to set up.

You will also need to have clear information on who your group is and what you are collecting for so that our customers and members can see this.

Please take a moment to read the terms and conditions to ensure that your group meets the criteria:

  • All slots are confirmed at the discretion of the site manager

  • 100% of the money raised must be returned locally – All fundraisers must be volunteers of the group or non-paid members of staff meaning that every penny collected is returned directly to the group.

  • We cannot support requests from individuals, or requests to support sponsored events such as marathons or skydives.

  • We only permit collection tins to be left on site that are linked to our current charity partners

  • We are unable to support any organisation where collectors are paid a regular wage or receive commission

  • All applicants must hold a valid UK registered charity number or be a constituted community group (this means that your group has a bank account in its own right)

  • Collectors should always be polite and courteous, we do not permit the ‘badgering’ of our customers in any way

  • We do not permit groups to recruit or sell membership either through a cash payment or by signing up to a direct debit/standing order scheme

  • We are unable to permit the sale of raffle tickets unless the group can provide a valid, relevant license from the Local Authority

  • Groups are unable to set up tables offering goods for re-sale

  • We do not permit fundraising or canvassing by any political party

  • Collectors must display badges and collection boxes must be compliant with Charity legislation

  • Bag packs are a great way to raise funds, but you must comply with our guidelines which are available upon request

  • Applications are dealt with on a first-come, first-serve basis. The number of slots available within each store is at the discretion of the Store Manager

  • You are unable to apply more than three months in advance of your collection

  • We reserve the right to withdraw or amend pre-booked collection dates

Finally, but most importantly remember to tell us how much you raised and what you are doing with the funds. This information must be provided within 7 working days of the collection taking place.

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