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A Powerful Partnership

We’ve been doing our bit to support the growth of Fairtrade for 25 years and counting. We were the very first supermarket to sell Fairtrade bananas, while 100% of the cocoa in Co-op products is from Fairtrade farms.

But we couldn’t do it without the help of members and shoppers like you. By getting behind great quality ethical products, you’ve helped us make sure all the Co-op own-brand tea, coffee and chocolate on our shelves is Fairtrade, for example. And you’ve made us the world’s largest seller of Fairtrade wine. So here’s to making things fairer, together.

An Ethical Adventure of a Lifetime

In January 2019, we took our member Jennie Simpson, Ethical Adventure of a Lifetime competition winner, to Guatemala to see where our Fairtrade coffee is grown, and the crucial difference that the Fairtrade Mark makes.

Speaking after the trip, Jennie said: "Coffee farmers work incredibly hard and it’s a very manual job. The Fairtrade Mark acts as an insurance policy for farmers, so that if coffee prices decline, they are still able to maintain their prices and earn a living wage. This is very important due to the ongoing coffee crisis in Guatemala, which means that the price paid to farmers often doesn’t even cover the cost of production, and they need to resort to growing other types of crops to support their families"

Watch Jennie's video to find out how she got on!

Campaigning for 25 years

Since the Fairtrade mark first appeared at Co-op, we’ve staged a number of great campaigns to inspire more people to switch over - from cooking demonstrations to Fairtrade competitions.

Our annual Fairtrade Fortnight gives you the chance to get a little extra when you choose Fairtrade. To celebrate 25 years of Co-op campaigning, our 1Change campaign asks you to switch to a single Fairtrade product for the chance to win a £25 Co-op voucher.

But, whenever you choose a Fairtrade product, everybody wins. Over the years, the initiative has improved the lives of 1.6 million people in 73 countries. Together, we’re making fairness a force for good.