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In October 2013, the Society’s members adopted a Statement on Political Engagement showing the Society’s willingness to engage with any organisation that shares its objectives and beliefs. To help bring the commitments in the Statement to life, the Society set up a Campaigns Fund which supports campaigning activity (primarily within the Society’s core trading areas) that promotes the aims of co-operation in the political arena and supports the objectives of the Society.

Alert Icon.svg Applications are now closed

Campaigns Fund 2022

Applications to the Campaigns Fund 2021 closed in November 2021. The Fund will open again for applications in Autumn 2022. 

If you’ve got the passion and commitment, our campaign fund could help you get your message to more people that matter. From more leaflets or social media activity, to better PR coverage, extra funding can make a big difference.

We’ll consider applications from any campaign group that shares our values and is working to create positive change in the Midcounties region. You just need to get your application in by our deadline, then our Board of Directors will award funding to the most deserving causes.

To find out if you meet the fund criteria, click here.

Is the Campaigns Fund not right for you?

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Community Fund Icon

Community Funding

We offer funding of up to £2,000 to local organisations and community groups. From food banks to urban gardening projects, we recognise that grass roots activity has the power to change lives. So we’re always interested in getting behind exciting initiatives.

Local Community Grant Icon

Local Community Grant

Every year, we provide a series of one-off local community grants worth up to £250. These can be for individual events or a little extra help for ongoing projects. If you’re trying to make a difference to your community, this could be the boost you need.