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Becoming Our Supplier

We are always keen to hear about potential new suppliers for products, goods and services for our sites. If you believe you could add value to The Midcounties Co-operative as a supplier, please contact us in the first instance by completing the 'Become a Supplier' form below or send an email to

Once we have receipt of your form or email, we will share the information with the relevant department to discuss further.

If you are sending an email, please include the below details to ensure we receive the best possible representation of your products/service:

  • Your contact details
  • Details on the product, service or goods you can supply
  • An overview of your company name, size and location, any technical accreditations you have achieved, and a link to your website address if relevant
  • Please advise us what areas or locations you can service (please see our site list at the bottom of the page)

We will always contact you with a response. If we are not in a position to proceed at the current time, we will advise you of this and keep your details on file for future reference. Please trust that we will contact you if and when your product/service become relevant. Please do not resubmit the same proposals.

We are an ethical retailer and would never condone any illegal practices our members would disapprove of. It is vital that any goods & services we procure are ethical & sustainable, whilst still maintaining a focus on our members. We strive for open, honest, responsible and effective relationships with all our suppliers.

This means we have some basic standards outlined on this page which we need you to understand. Please review the policies below to ensure you can meet our minimum requirements as a supplier:

Become a Supplier