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The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) brings together national and international co-operatives from lots of sectors – including banking, consumer, insurance, housing and health.

Working together since 1895, it consists of around 310 organisations and over one billion members across 109 countries. We’re proud to say that Ben Reid, our former CEO, is the UK representative on the ICA board.

Why are we part of the ICA?

As the of the largest independent co-operatives in the UK, we’re always looking for ways to get involved in wider global projects and support our fellow co-operatives. By being a part of the ICA, we can raise more awareness of the co-operative business model and help it evolve further – all while working alongside other great organisations.



Key campaigns

From sustainable development goals that involve combating climate change and gender equality to the co-operatives in development project which gives us a platform to help tackle global issues like social injustice and healthcare; there are lots of ways we are able to help out and be a force for good.



Find out more

If you’d like to know more about the co-operative moment and the history of the ICA, click here.