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We believe in putting local change in the hands of local people. That’s why we’re proud to support local community group activities that bring together people from all parts of society. Nobody knows your community like you do, so if you’ve got an idea that will make a difference or need help with a community project why not apply?

To find out if you're eligible to apply for Your Community Fund, please check out the 'Who can Apply?' section.

We’ve made the application form as easy as possible. Anyone can apply as long as your project is people led and helps to build strong, diverse communities. We’ll ask you to briefly explain this in your application.

You can apply from anywhere in the UK.

Your group has to have been established for 3 months.

To find out if you meet the fund criteria, click here.

Your application for grant funding will be assessed by a panel of our members, who will be looking at the impact your project has on your local community, including the number of beneficiaries that any funding awarded will support; and the impact the grant will make to those beneficiaries.  This will ensure that funding is awarded to community projects that demonstrate the greatest added value and measurable impact. 

It will help your application if you can provide measurable examples of the economic, social, or environmental impacts that the grant will help you achieve. 

Successful examples in the past have included:

  1. The Wiggly Worm based in Gloucestershire: This project focused on providing access to a thriving community kitchen to support predominantly those with mental health issues but also the wider community, delivering courses based on food education, ranging from preparation, cooking and sharing of food

  2. Hook Norton Low Carbon based in Oxfordshire: This project focused on helping the community reduce its energy consumption, carbon emissions and save money through education schemes, support for solar provision and insulation in homes and community buildings. 

  3. Community First Initiative based in the West Midlands: This project focused on engaging with hard to reach young people that are maybe on the fringes of and or involved in gang culture through the provision of skills-based workshops around behaviour, consequences of actions, target setting, and employability skills.  

  4. Justice in Motion based in Oxfordshire. The group exists to advocate social change, raise awareness of issues such as modern slavery, encourage debate and inspire action through theatrical performances, workshops and talks.


Overall we will prioritise our funding on projects demonstrating impact that align with our co-operative values:

  • Positive Environmental impacts for example projects that focus on or the promotion and education in the reduction of single use plastics, recycling or energy saving

  • Development of young people (aged 16 – 24) developing individuals to be the best they can be through educational, training or community led projects

  • Community cohesion projects that promote work towards building better community cohesion and trust, and encouraging respect and understanding in the local area.

  • Social inclusion, for example provision of services for members of the community to overcome inequality and disadvantage arising as a result of the circumstances and challenges they find themselves in. For Example the provision of foodbank support, bespoke community run support groups or projects that develop life skills.

Step 1

Apply for a Community Grant

Fill in the online application ensuring you meet the specific fund criteria.

Step 2

Use your Member Dashboard to track your progress

Once your application has been submitted. You can track your application via your dashboard.

Step 3

Keep an eye on your inbox 

You will be contacted by us via email to let you know whether your application has been successful or not.

Step 4

If you are successful...

You will be sent an email after your project is due to end with the post-grant engagement and feedback we require from you.

There may be times during the funding quarter when funds are low or exhausted, and you may find that you aren’t able to apply for the full amount of £500. In this case, you may wish to pause your application until the next quarter when the funds are refreshed.

The funding quarters are:

  • Q1- 1st January – 30th April 2024

  • Q2 1st May 2024- 31st July 2024

  • Q3 1st August 2024- 31st October 2024

  • Q4 1st November 2024 – 25th January 2025

To view the progress of your application or continue where you left off click here to log into your dashboard.

For any questions or further information about Your Community Fund, please contact the Community Team by e-mail:

Community Connections

Check out our Community Connections document which highlights some of the incredible projects we've been supporting in your communities. This will help you gain inspiration from others, reach out to local groups to get involved – as many of them have indicated to us they have volunteer opportunities available, or simply browse through the projects we've supported. You can view Community Connections by clicking here.

Branching Out Drama Society

This group is all about teaching theatre skills which help with life skills, confidence and fun. They try out all different aspects of the arts and learn to say “ I will give it a go”

Every Gift Teen CIC

They support children and teens in Gloucestershire that are living in poverty. Our mission is to ensure they wake up at Christmas with a gift to open

Falcon Boat Club

Falcon Boat Club provides the opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy the river and benefit from its place in our community in Oxford

KEMP Hospice

Based in the heart of the Wyre Forest they offer care and support to patients, families and carers who are experiencing life-limiting illness and bereavement.

The Spark Arts for Children

The Spark gives children opportunities to immerse themselves in the arts by experiencing a wide range of high quality work that inspires, empowers and educates.

Shrewsbury Amateur Swim Club

They are a Swimming Club based in the Shropshire town of Shrewsbury, primarily focussed on developing the health and skills of young people.

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