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Call and Collect - Service extended until Friday 18th June

Introducing our call and collect service for the more vulnerable in our local community who can now start leaving the home, but still need to social distance and stay safe.


We recognise that some of you may wish to find a new normal whilst still minimising the risk to yourselves and families. With this in mind, we have launched a Call & Collect service exclusively for members!

Simply, place your food order over the phone with a member of our team and collect the order from your nearest food store. 
If you’d like to place an order for collection or require more information, please call our membership team on 0800 435902 then press option 1.

Lines are open Monday – Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm

Alternatively, if you can't leave your house you can use our Home Delivery Service, find out more by clicking here.

Call and Collect FAQs:

Q: Can an under-18 pick up an order?

A: If there are no age-restricted products in the shopping then yes, however if there are then the person must be over 18 or over.


Q: If I change my mind can I ask a volunteer to deliver the order?

A: No if it contains frozen foods or age-restricted items. This is because the volunteers have had no formal training on our Challenge 25 Policy and there is a chill chain risk with frozen foods that cannot be secured. Due to legalities with volunteers, we cannot train them. If they were to deliver it by mistake to a minor, then the Society would be at fault.


Q: If I change my mind can a colleague deliver the shopping?

A: Yes, this providing the colleague follows the Challenge 25 policy when dropping off.


Q: What happens if I do not pick up the order?

A: Please contact the store and if there is no reply 24 hours after the pick-up time, we will place the items back on the shelf and keep a note of the receipt and along with your name.


Q: If there is a queue does I have to wait for my collection?

A: No, you can walk to the front and explain that you are here to collect an order, which will be brought to the front of the store for you. The colleague stationed at the front of the store, should call for assistance for the order to be retrieved.


Q: Can I order scratch cards and lottery?

A: No.


Q: Can I order tobacco

A: No.


Q: What happens if I ask a volunteer or nominated person to pick up my shopping directly?

A: If this is the case then you will need to confirm this with the store. However, ID and Challenge 25 will still apply.


Q: Will I need to sign to say the order has been collected?

A: No.

Items Available for Call & Collect

You can choose from the list of items we have available for Call & Collect by clicking here, or by clicking on the boxes below:

Food Bank Partners

From December 1st our foodbank partners will be able to order bulk goods for collection from our stores, this offer will be in place until March 2021. To take advantage of this, foodbanks must already be working in partnership with a local Midcounties Co-operative Food Store. Please note there is a minimum order of £40.00 required to place this order.

Orders are placed via email to the Community Team email address -, when placing orders please note the following detail:

Email subject header – Bulk order for ( insert name of your food bank)

In the main body of the email please include :

  • Name of Foodbank
  • Midcounties Food Store you are partnered with
  • Address of foodbank
  • Contact name/ number and email  address of person placing order
  • Items required/quantity

The order will be sent to your nearest Midcounties store who will then contact you to take payment and agree a collection date.

If you require any further information about accessing this offer please contact the