Smoked Salmon Teacake Sandwiches

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Feeds 6 - Ready in 5 Minutes

These cute teacake sandwiches are filled with smoked salmon and a creamy horseradish soft cheese

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  • 12 slices Co-op Irresistible Oat, Sunflower & Pumpkin Loaf

  • 75g Co-op Irresistible Scottish Smoked Salmon, roughly chopped

  • 2tsp Co-op Hot Horseradish Sauce

  • 75g Co-op Soft Cheese

  • Large handful watercress, roughly chopped

  • Black pepper, to serve


  1. Using a large round cookie cutter stamp out discs from each slice of bread (freeze the trimmings for breadcrumbs)

  2. Stir the salmon and horseradish sauce into the soft cheese until well combined

  3. Spread over half the bread discs, before topping with the watercress and sandwiching together with the remaining discs

  4. Season with black pepper to serve