Sedgley & Dudley Regional Community

Charity Partner 2021/22

Our local charity partners in this area are White House Cancer Support & Just Straight Talk

White House Cancer Support are a charity providing practical help, emotional support and information to people with cancer, their families, friends and carers across the Black Country.

Just Straight Talk is a community project supporting people by providing the practical help and motivation they need to turn their lives around and reach their life goals.


Just Straight Talk


What Do They Do?

White House Cancer Support

From arts and crafts to massages White House Cancer Support offers a great place to come to for people at all points in their personal health journey. Their support network is incredibly strong as it can just be a hot drink and a chat that one week or a lift to a hospital another, the group emboldens one another to be strong, supportive and happy. They meet at regular points during the week and they are open to anyone joining.