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We’re bringing the 1Change campaign to everything we do. From how we source and sell our products, to how we educate the next generation.

Check out our 1Change journey below.

Meet Cal, our Environmental Ambassador

As the founder of Paddle Against Plastic, environmentalist Cal Major has seen the damage caused by single-use plastics first-hand. Now she’s teaming up with us to spread the word about plastic pollution and share the things we can all be doing to tackle the problem.

1Change for a Cleaner World

The world is facing a crisis of single-use plastics littering our oceans and damaging our ecosystems.

But because we’ve always believed great things happen when we work together, we’ve introduced 1Change. A campaign to cut the waste we produce, while inspiring shoppers and communities to turn the tide on single-use plastics.

Just the Beginning

We’ve already achieved some great results with 1Change. Making a real difference every day as we work together to drive down plastics. We’re always striving to do more, but here are some of our milestones so far:

  • Engaged over 1,000 member and community pledges to tackle single-use plastics in the community. 

  • Enabled 1,000 eco-bricks to be created to build a Turkey shed made out of waste plastic for our community partner Fairy-tale Farm, by mobilising members, customers, community partners and schools to work together through our Cotswold Regional Community.  Supporting circular economy principles, we are the first UK retailer to offer this innovative solution through eco-bricks, and have developed a community model that can be rolled out in other areas.   

  • Helped rebuild the health of water, land and biodiversity in the community by enabling over 700 volunteers to tidy up 380 bags of litter from the natural environment across our 20 Regional Communities involving schools, members, community partners and colleagues. 

  • As a result of our community engagement, we have been able to implement business changes that are resulting in a reduction of 2 tonnes of plastic per year through our operations

  • Working with our members we have replaced single-use plastic carrier bags with compostable bags in over 140 Food Stores, eliminating over 3 million plastic bags per year

World Environment Day 2020

Circumstances are a little different than last year when we helped to clean up several open spaces in many of your regional communities!

The lockdown has had a hugely positive impact on our environment, with litter is at it's the lowest level at the moment, people recycling more, getting out there and appreciating the world around them, nature is thriving! So this is a great opportunity to focus on other issues and reflect and plan for the future.

This year, on 5th June, we launched the premiere of our World Environment Day premiere, giving members the opportunity to see the impact we've made across the Society and in our local communities so far through our 1Change campaign, giving members the opportunity to comment with their ideas to help us further defend the environment!

World Environment Day Activity & Actions

You may remember on the 5th June we planned our World Environment Day video, calling on members and colleagues to tell us the 1Change they'd like us to make to further defend the environment, with all ideas being discussed and considered by our Environmental Steering Group.

Well from your ideas we have now agreed on the following Environmental commitments from the Society: