Terms and conditions

Member discount: 10% off Fairtrade products until 12 March 2023

Who qualifies for the discount?

Products included

  • We have included this Fairtrade mark upon the Shelf Edge Labels to make this more visible in-store (see example below)
  • The discount is subject to the availability of qualifying Fairtrade products
  • The discount is not available on Fairtrade alcohol in Welsh stores

SEL lge.jpg

Products not included

  • The discount does not apply to any Fairtrade product you buy bearing the following Fairtrade mark



How to get the discount

  • To receive the discount, you must present/scan your Midcounties Co-operative membership card when you pay. It cannot be applied retrospectively
  • It can be used in conjunction with any other discounts or coupons including enhanced colleague discount/ NHS/ NUS or Diamond Day
  • This discount is available until 12 March 2023 inclusive
  • We reserve the right to withdraw this discount at any time.

For any queries regarding the offer, please contact Customer Care via email member.communications@midcounties.coop or phone 0800 435 902.