Annual General Meeting

This year’s AGM again took place at Chateau Impney in Drotwich Spa where over 650 members had the opportunity to learn more about our business and put their questions directly to members of the Executive and the Board of Directors.

The conference was opened by our President Ruth FitzJohn. There was then a break out session and people were given the choice of attending their choice of two out of four forums covering Energy, Food Retail, Co-operative Social Responsibility and Member Engagement.  The Energy Forum looked to the future from community based energy projects to smart metering while the food forum concentrated on Fairtrade and included presentations by the Fairtrade Foundation. The CSR forum focused on our Regional Community work and exciting new plans to involve members while the engagement forum discussed governance issues and gave people a chance to meet and interact with the Board.

The afternoon session focussed on the adoption of the Annual Report and Accounts and a question and answer session with members of the Board and the Executive. In addition members made their vote count on sections including; the accepting of the proposed rule changes, director’s fees and the distribution of Share of the Profits.

You can view highlights of this year’s event by clicking on the blue button below. 

Other items, including the minutes will be added to this page when available.


Watch AGM Highlights Here